• 5th & 6th April //  DEM BONES! Yoga intensive with Lizy

    5th & 6th April // DEM BONES! Yoga intensive with Lizy

    Did you know even the positioning of your fingernails is crucial to your downward dog?
    In this workshop we will be returning to the core principles of the body’s inner connections, mastering the foundations upon which all practice should be built.

    Every session will focus on a core motion, building understanding of how each tendon and joint connects, allowing you to open to a depth you might not have realised possible, without over stretching or causing damage.

    This workshop is aimed at those who have already fostered an understanding of yoga. By the end of the workshop you will feel how the tip of your nose is connected to the tips of your toes!

    Saturday 5th
    Session 1: Forward bends and hip opening. 10-12am
    Session 2: Spinal twists and shoulder joints. 2-4pm

    Sunday 6th
    Session 3: Let’s go up-side-down – Inversion Time. 11-1pm
    Session 4: Heart opening back bends. 3-5pm