• 29Nov-5Dec || Duke Street Open Week

    29Nov-5Dec || Duke Street Open Week

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    The Duke Street Space is being gradually turned into an arts incubator which is described as an artistic community and performance centre with an independent twist.

    Over the last few months the space has been home to zumba, yoga and meditation classes and Theatre workshops from Tmesis theatre company but this is just the beginning.

    The Duke Street Space will be open daily from 29 November to 5 December Noon to Midnight so that the public can come and see what is happening. It’s also a fundraiser to help the project get started.

    There is an ambitious week of events planned including an arts market and freelancer fair, clown cabaret, exhibitions, live drawing, rehearsed readings, film nights, free dance classes, live music plus a pop up bar and cafe.

    “Why should you get involved? Because really you want a place like this to exist. Somewhere that doesn’t cost a lot, gives lots of value, keeps people communicating fulfils some of the functions of the old fashioned community centre, but with an independent artistic twist.” Hollie and Aleasha