• Sunday 31st August || Mindfulness Workshop

    Sunday 31st August || Mindfulness Workshop

    Mindfulness, Health, Happiness and Well-Being
    An Interactive Workshop

    Sunday 31st August
    2pm – 5pm


    The August edition of our new series of workshops in Liverpool!

    This half-day workshop is designed to provide easy to follow, down-to-earth guidance on Mindfulness and its related topics, an afternoon of mindfulness and meditation in a relaxed and friendly environment with Mindfulness Liverpool. Fun, interesting, empowering, rewarding and accessible.

    || All ages welcome.
    || Suitable for all levels of experience in meditation.
    || Limited spaces available!

    All in the warm and welcoming surroundings of Tilt Studio

    How mindfulness and meditation can help us to be happier and healthier in our everyday lives. Happiness, health, well-being… More of all of that sounds good, right? And just by sitting still and following our breath we can start to feel happier, healthier and generally more alive? Really? Yes!

    It’s brilliant isn’t it. So simple that’s it’s easily overlooked. Just sit, breathe and slow down. No pressure, nothing to get right or wrong, just some time off from the on-going stream of our busy lives.

    This is meditation, this is the basis of mindfulness, and from this foundation we can grow and evolve in whatever direction we choose. We can empower ourselves with new choices in the ways we respond to the world, find new ways to manage challenging emotions and experiences, and learn to move past any barriers to our natural state of happiness, peace and well-being. Nothing to it.

    – Expert tuition and accessible teaching talks.
    – Easy to follow guided meditations.
    – Interactive exercises and activities.
    – Guidance on techniques to practice at home.
    – Opportunities for sharing and discussion within the group.
    – Opportunities for questions and answers.
    – A break for tea, coffee and refreshments.

    The workshop will be taught by Mindfulness Liverpool teacher and course leader, Dave Spencer.

    I would like these workshops to be as accessible as possible, and i regularly welcome people to our sessions for free, or for a concessionary amount.
    This is absolutely fine with me, so if you would like to come but can’t afford the full amount, please do get in touch.
    However, there are only limited places available at these workshops, so whilst offering a limited amount of spaces at a concessionary rate, the advance-booking price I would ask people to invest is £12.50.
    Please do also bear in mind that although it is possible to pay on the door, all of the spaces will probably get booked out in advance.
    Advance payments: £12.50 / On the door: £15.00.

    Advance payments can be made by contacting Dave Spencer:

    For any questions or enquiries please contact Dave Spencer:
    Tel: 07791041212
    Email: thedavesideofthemoon@hotmail.com


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