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    Support Tilt

    Support needed…

    We’re looking to form links & partnerships with local & national organisations, businesses and individuals to help support and fund Tilts final event at The Kazimier before its closure, and to launch Tilts future development.

    We are applying for Arts Council funding for an immersive dance and combined arts event to be held in the winter season of The Kazimier’s final events programme.

    Tilt’s Hollie-ann Coleman, (Founder & Director) is teaming up with Laura Brownhill, (Artistic Director from The Kazimier) and Joel Murray, (former Events Manager of MelloMello), to create a concept show called DEMOLITION – A retrospective celebratory event reflecting on past collaborations between Liverpool dancers, visual artists and musicians. We’re looking for “support funding” and ‘support in kind’ for our Arts Council application that will be submitted on 9th August.

    DEMOLITION : Without Walls

    1st & 2nd  December at The Kazimier

    A celebratory collaboration between Tilt & The Kazimier.

    A moving wall created by 10 performers and a series of tessellating shapes, will guide the audience in and around The Kazimier’s parameters, compartmentalizing the audience within new and ever emerging performance zones.

    DEMOLITION serves as a retrospective, and a celebration of combined arts and dance of Tilt and The Kazimier 2008-2015.

    We’re inviting collaborators past and present to produce bespoke new work for this unifying show which will boast artists from the independent sector who have progressed through the Tilt platform events.

    This year, we are set to bring in guest artists and professional organisations as well as enhancing our outreach to Liverpool’s educational institutions.

    How to support us…

    Donation // Business support // Sponsorship // Advice // Support in Kind

    We are reaching out to local and national businesses, individuals who have an interest, or connection to the arts and are looking to support grassroots independent companies in their creative ventures.

    We’re looking for ‘support funding’ to enhance our application, funds will go towards all elements of the production, such as set, costume and bespoke lighting design. We are also aiming to employ all the artists from our desired team at a professional rate to fully bring our idea to life, so the bigger our budget, the more local artists benefit. ‘Support in kind’ can come in the form of assistance with promotion, access to rehearsal space or use of a facility or material you can offer. If you feel you can support us in any way please get in touch as soon as possible. Thank you.

    Brief history of Tilt…

    We have been based in the Wolstenholme area for the past 6 years enjoying the support and creative network of the artistic community surrounding Mello Mello and The Kazimier, amongst others. As you may have heard this area is to be developed and all our buildings have been sold, the last to go is The Kaizmier at the end of the year.

    Tilt began due to a demand for more performance platforms and opportunities for dance artists in a creatively growing Liverpool. Providing this platform, Tilt opened up a place where artists could show work, gain artistic contacts and be inspired by new work that pushed the normal ideal of contemporary dance (performance / venue / audience). Tilt has since grown into a production company and dance studio. Tilt studio was given the opportunity to begin and establish itself in a disused building that had been taken over by local artists.